WordPress Guide: The Best Backup & Migration Plugins


As an active member of the WordPress and Divi community, people are always asking what the best plugins are for backing up your WordPress site, or for migrating it to a new server. There really isn’t one best answer for everyone, but there are a lot of really great plugins that will help you with backup and migration. In this article, I’ll cover the best free and paid options available as of right now.

Best For Automatic Backups To Cloud Storage: UpdraftPlus

It doesn’t get simpler than UpdraftPlus for automated backups, and the free option is plenty for most people. We use UpdraftPlus on all our web sites, with daily automated backups to Dropbox. If you’re already paying for cloud storage, then UpdraftPlus is a no-brainer when it comes to your backups. We maintain dozens of backups per site, for dozens of sites, and only sacrifice about 5GB of our cloud storage for the privilege.

If at all possible, we recommend disabling WP-Cron and triggering the cron job manually via crontab on your server for dependable backups. Of course, you can use a free uptime monitoring service like Uptime Robot to trigger your backups in chunks reliably if you don’t want to mess with cron jobs, or it simply isn’t an option. We find UpdraftPlus to be very light on server resources, and it is that, combined with its ease of use, that earns it our top spot for automatic backups.


Runner Up For Automatic Backups: ManageWP

We absolutely love ManageWP, and use it in addition to UpdraftPlus for maintaining another backup set for our web sites. The reason ManageWP doesn’t win our top spot is because you need to pay a monthly fee if you want backups more frequently than once per month (unless you are hosting your site with GoDaddy, then you get daily backups for free, in which case this would probably be the #1 choice for you). ManageWP has the additional benefit of allowing you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one central dashboard, and lets you mass update the WordPress core, plugins, and themes en masse from a single page. If you maintain many WordPress sites, then ManageWP is a must have.


Best For Migrating Your Site: All In One WP Migration

I see a lot of people recommending Duplicator for web site migration, but the truth is that All In One WP Migration simply just works without any fuss, whereas Duplicator encounters issues on many hosts. All In One WP Migration is great because it archives your site into a single file that you can save on your server, on your PC, or on your cloud storage of choice for safe keeping.


Runner Up For Migration: Duplicator

While we absolutely love All In One WP Migration, there are times when you might not be able to use it due to file import size restrictions on the free version. In those circumstances, you can always give Duplicator a try. Whereas All In One WP Migration requires another WordPress installation with the plugin installed, Duplicator only requires a WordPress installation. Duplicator generates an automatic installer script, along with a ZIP file containing your site and database. It tends to fail on overly-restrictive shared hosts, and might also fail to work on some managed WordPress hosts, but it is 100% free, and certainly worth a look if our other recommendations don’t fit your needs.



There are certainly plenty of other options available for backup and migration, but in our experience, we find these plugins to be the absolute best at doing what they say they’ll do.

Did we miss your favorite plugin? Do you want to vouch for these? Sound off in the comments!

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