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Anyone can design your site. Only we can make it look as good as it should. We work with you one-on-one to deliver the perfect web site for your needs, and to match your budget.

WordPress Web Site Design Services

Back in the day, web site design used to be different. Every client site was a custom project from the ground up, forcing us, the developers, to make everything from scratch with every new site. This meant long and expensive development timelines. Now, thanks to WordPress, it takes a fraction of the time to build your web site, saving us both time and money. Now, we’re able to create beautiful, functional web sites in a fraction of the time, all while integrating the functionality you need, like Google Analytics, E-Commerce, custom forms, email marketing systems, and much more.

Read on to learn what you get when you hire us.

Built With Divi

The most important aspect in choosing to build your site with WordPress is choosing the right theme. There are a lot of themes that try to be the all-in-one solution, and end up overly bloated, while making it difficult to achieve the exact style you’re after.

All web sites we build are built on top of the award-winning Divi theme from Elegant Themes. We have chosen to specialize in this theme due to its customization options, features, and performance. Divi is search engine optimized, and plays well with most plugins, while having native support for WooCommerce and MailChimp.

Visual Page Builder

What good is a web site you can’t edit, update, and maintain yourself? I include multiple options for editing your pages that don’t require you to know any coding. Just point, click, and drag your way to a beautiful page.

Built With Modules

Pages are built using modules which are predefined. It only takes a few clicks to add elements like text, images, buttons, contact forms, blogs, calls to action, and more. Everything you need is a click away.

Built Responsive

There’s no need to maintain a separate, mobile version of your site. All sites I build are responsive, meaning they function on every device, be it a computer, tablet, or phone. Being mobile friendly also improves SEO!

Built With Performance

Studies have shown that if your site takes more than 7 seconds to load, you’re losing customers. While a large portion of your web site performance depends on your host, we’ll make sure your site takes advantage of every bit of performance acceleration it can get.

This includes multiple levels of caching, as well as optimizing the code to load pages as quickly as possible. Want even more speed? You may want to consider our Managed WordPress hosting packages for the ultimate in speed.

Built Secure

We build your site with security in mind, keeping you safe from hackers. You could be held responsible for leaked customer data if your site is breached, so don’t take the chance. We have an extensive background in web site and server security. Your site is protected against most attacks, including DDoS, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, brute force attacks, and other common attacks.

While we can not realistically guarantee that you will never be hacked, we do take the necessary measures to mitigate these attacks against your web site. There have been over 1 million attempted hacks on our sites in the past year alone, none of which have succeeded, so that’s got to count for something, right?

Search Engine Optimized

Why pay for advertising when SEO is so much more effective?

While we do not provide SEO services for generating backlinks to your site, we do provide web sites that are Search Engine Optimized right out of the gate. This means that all the important rules are followed (301 redirects, site maps, proper tags), and that search engines will be able to index and rank your site appropriately.

If you want to take things further, you can hire a marketing firm to take your SEO to the next level, and your site will have all the tools they need to boost your site to the top of Google, albeit at a high cost. Full-time SEO is a serious business.

Basic Maintenance

Your site might be done, but we’re not. We include basic maintenance for free on all web sites we build, for the life of your web site. Yes, for free.

Automated Backups

Free basic maintenance includes automated monthly backups, so we can restore your site if anything ever goes wrong. Are you a GoDaddy customer? Then you get daily backups, stored on the Amazon cloud.

Automatic Updates

Don’t worry about maintaining WordPress, theme, or plugin updates. We manage all of this for you. We provide daily updates, free of charge, for the life of your web site.

Sounds Great, Right?

We know, it’s hard to resist such awesome services. Click the button to check out our packages and their prices. We’ve got a little something for every budget.

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