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Maximum Performance. Maximum Security. Infinitely Scaleable.

Shared hosting can be a great bargain, but what do you do when your hosting plan can no longer keep up? It may be time to move to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

The Ultimate In Managed VPS Hosting

Shared hosting might be fine for a small personal blog, but you’ll quickly learn that your “unlimited” hosting plan isn’t really unlimited once your host shuts down your site for having more than a dozen or so concurrent visitors.

VPS hosting is like having a dedicated server for your site, so you don’t run into invisible walls, and your site doesn’t slow down because another site on the same server is experiencing heavy traffic. The downside to a VPS is that you are usually responsible for the setup, maintenance, and security of your server, which requires extensive knowledge of the Linux command shell. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

We offer Managed WordPress VPS hosting, so that you can get the benefits of a dedicated server, but without the price of a dedicated server. We offer various plans ranging from initial setup, through ongoing monthly (or daily) maintenance and administration of the VPS.

Due to the specific and custom nature of each web site and customers needs, rather than provide a sign up form here, we ask that you schedule a consultation to determine your exact needs, as you probably expect to need more than you do. Our VPS solutions are highly optimized, and scaleable, allowing us to adapt to your specific needs.

The Technology

Our VPS servers are built using Digital Ocean as a backbone, and run the latest Ubuntu Server LTS. Sites are managed using EasyEngine, which allows us to utilize the latest technologies, including NGINX with PHP 7.1, MariaDB, and caching options such as Redis or Memcached. As an added benefit, Let’s Encrypt is supported, which allows us to issue you free SSL certificates, saving you tons of money!


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