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Your customers demand the absolute best from you, so why should anything less be expected from your web site? Nexus Studios offers a premium experience, with long term support.

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Web Site Design

Nexus Studios offers high end web site design at competitive rates. Web sites are built fully responsive and search engine optimized, and are built on the WordPress content management platform.

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Managed Hosting

When shared hosting just doesn't cut it anymore, we offer a wide variety of managed hosting options. We offer VPS cloud hosting solutions that are scaleable and optimized.

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WordPress Maintenance

Custom web development doesn't stop when the site is finished. We offer free basic maintenance for all clients, with advanced options available, including daily backups, SEO & traffic reports, and more.

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WordPress Security

How secure is your site? You could be held responsible for sensitive customer data leaks. Let us secure your site from hackers with advanced security configuration that will protect from most attacks.

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Graphic Design

Need a new logo? Maybe some graphics for your web site, or for an advertisement? We offer graphic design solutions for many platforms that won't break the bank. We can work with any budget!

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White Label Services

We provide white label services to companies looking to expand their offerings to their customer base. You do what you're good at, such as marketing and branding, and let us handle the web site.

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Divi Guide: Restore The Missing Image URL Feature

Introduction We certainly don't make it a secret, we love Divi around here. Unfortunately, sometimes Elegant Themes might do things that we don't like. The most recent such change is the removal of direct URLs for background images and videos. Well, thankfully we've...

Divi Guide: Create An Animated, Video Game Inspired Menu

Introduction As Divi web designers, we're typically only allowed a certain degree of creativity when it comes to our designs, since we have to put a professional and clean image first. Sometimes though, we get to do something special. Recently, we created the web site...

WordPress Guide: The Best Backup & Migration Plugins

Introduction As an active member of the WordPress and Divi community, people are always asking what the best plugins are for backing up your WordPress site, or for migrating it to a new server. There really isn't one best answer for everyone, but there are a lot of...

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